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Speed Reducers

DieQua is the one stop shop for all your speed reducer needs. Whether for general power transmission or precision motion control, we have the speed reducer for you. Contact us now for more information on the widest range range of speed reducers available from a single source, along with the experience and know how to assist you in selecting the optimal speed reducer for your specific requirements.

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Heavy Duty Speed Reducers & Gearmotors

Our heavy duty speed reducers and gearmotors provide the ultimate in quality and reliability. High efficiency and high torque density provide higher productivity in the smallest possible space. With the wide variety of configurations, mounting arrangements, and optional features, maximum design versatility is assured.

Inline Helical Gearmotors & Speed Reducers
Parallel Shaft Gearmotors & Speed Reducers
Helical Bevel Gearmotors & Speed Reducers
Helical Worm Gearmotors & Speed Reducers

Stainless Steel Speed Reducers

For applications requiring superior corrosion resistance, our stainless steel inline planetary design can provide you the confidence that environmental and safety requirements are being satisfied.

Stainless Planetary

Spiral Bevel Speed Reducers

Our low backlash and extremely robust spiral bevel speed reducers are offered in the widest range of configurations, sizes, and ratios. With a variety of unique features, benefits, and mounting options, we offer capabilities not available from other sources. Modified designs and complete special requests are always welcome.

Right Angle Gearbox
Hollow Shaft Gearbox
Right Angle Reversing
Special Designs

Servo Speed Reducers

We offer a wider variety of servo speed reducer options than any other manufacturer, With right angle and inline designs in both precision and economy performance levels, we have the gearhead to meet your needs, along with the experience to help you select the appropriate design for you unique application.

Precision Series
Economy Series
Worm Series
Helical Series

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